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Samantha Goldberg’s Bio

Celebrity Event Designer TV Personality & Celebrity Spokesperson

Samantha Goldberg aka “Sassi Sammi” is a noted Celebrity Wedding Planner in the New York, Chicago and LA Metro markets. She’s known nationwide for her “Trendsetting” and “Carefree” design skill set and for being the “Fabulously” famous Party Planner to the stars” as seen on the Style Networks “Whose Wedding Is It Anyway” and various other networks.

Samantha has operated Samantha Goldberg & Co- Gold Events LLC for over two decades. She launched her now highly successful business in Chicago dedicating 90% of her skill set on “mastering the art of “tangible/intangible” event  design, education and more. Somehow the “creative juices” became most visible when using her professional beauty background with designing of events, implementing “magic” for one’s special event be-it wedding, milestone or celebration.

She’s considered the maven lifestyle expert for events, fashion trends and more.

While recognized for her expertise in fantasy weddings and events, Sam still can work within any wedding budget regardless of the event delivering spectacular results, whether given three days notice or three years of planning. Her noted grace-under-pressure is a testament to her quick-witted thinking and problem-solving abilities; not to mention the most important element in event planning. This along with the success of her business is what really grabbed the attention from television networks, branding and more. It has become the “highlight” of her now, mini empire, Samantha Goldberg Inc.

She is considered one of the top premier party planners in the world with a broad spectrum of talents outside her design skill set. She has partnered with some of the largest chains and fortune 100-500 companies as their celebrity lifestyle expert, trend setter, sales trainer and motivator and Brand Ambassador. Her zestful persona is highly addictive, which creates the need to use what she is promoting for the brand causing the outcome to be a desired partnership long term.

Samantha oversees and directs a diverse staff of 21+ Certified and Well Rounded New York and New Jersey wedding planners who coordinate weddings, corporate parties, new-product launches, seminars and events all over the United States along with several key destination locales (Aruba, Mexico, Bahamas, Italy, Belize, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and Hawaii, etc.

Goldberg herself in 2011, after proper training, has expanded her skill set & services' w/ the addition of her own formally trained floral design team which now services the New York Metro Market andtaking them to the road nationwide. This now allows for Goldberg to add another “notch” to her resume’ of services.

Samantha is in completion of  her 10th season with The Style Network's hit series "Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?" now currently called the "Esquire Network". While the series is no longer aired on the same channel it's still airing over 300+ countries. This is inclusive of the pilot she was tapped for in 2006 called "Whose Destination Wedding Is It Anyway" shortly renamed "Married Away".

Samantha has continually been approached for many similar shows with regard to wedding shows, events/design and "New Jersey Housewives' day to day type soapaseries. Her extensive list includes being host of a one-time season the CW's Hitched or Ditched and is inclusive of her personal appearances with celebrities on Kathy Griffins,My Life on The D List”, working with Cake Boss aka Buddy Valestro before the Boss” and many others.

 She has won over the hearts of her viewers with her “plain-talking” persona, yet sensitive nature and aspiration of working with the Budget Bride. This has allowed her to carry her fans with her as she is currently taping her show for a 2014 launch. Her show is a 2nd to a few projects in works with major networks also due to air in 2015.

The Mainstream media took notice of her extensive nature and asked Samantha to share her expertise on how to reach the market of clients as a wedding planner to the stars and the party planner or event designer for any event.


http://samanthagoldberg.com/images/golds_300.gif She is regularly featured as an expert analyst and trend setter on various national news programs such as Good Morning America, CNBC's On the Money, WPIX, Fox and Friends, Today Show, GMA Now, WGN, WLS, CW, CBS, NBC5, FOX Chicago, B-96 Radio, Good Morning NY, NJ12 (WWOR’s 18 Affiliates) Entertainment Tonight, "Geraldo at Large," Comcast News, ABC News, NBC News, EBRU TV, Satellite TV, Good News NY Radio, Better Homes & Gardens TV, among many others listed on http://samanthagoldberg.com/Press-a-Holic.html .

In 2005, Sam was noted for starting America’s 1st Wedding Nonprofit organizations on the east coast offering donated wedding services from one's local community or Dream Team for couples who need this due to reasons such as life-altering changes, which would require planning on a more immediate basis. She is both the Founder & President of the org.
Dream most currently has the support of thousands of vendors in over 15 states. With one call, the respected community is ready and willing to help those who have lost various aspects of the planning which with community assistance, attempt to bring the “wedding wishes” back to life not needing funds yet to seek only the skill set to support the noble cause.

In the fall of 2009, the noted sassi celebrity wedding planner was asked by Party City to be their partner in bringing new ideas and elements into the world of celebrations, Hilton Hotels WW as their Celebrity Spokesperson-expert for weddings, events and author for their website “Guestiquette” (http://www1.hilton.com/ts/en_US/landing/Guestiquette.html),Bloomingdale's as a 'celebrity headliner' for their Bridal Registry Departments in the US. She travels to various stores speaking to brides about the newest trends in weddings and offering some strategic coping skills for managing all the “Tricky” details listed on the Hilton’s web-site for more information.

In the last quarter of 2011 Samantha entered into a partnership with United Way and its “Night of Miracles Galas” with her first event occurring on May 3rd 2012 at the Pleasantdale Chateau (www.pleasantdalechateau.com) located in West Orange NJ. This is one of three major additions to her brand for 2012. Sam’s on the seat of her pants waiting to reveal another yet fabulous partnership for 2015!

Samantha’s addictive character and colorful personality allow her clients to stay at ease. She leaves her viewers or clients with “a feel” as though you are with her every step of the way. If you want a soiree you won’t forget, this high energy “Sassi” event planner is your gal!

Sam has been nominated, rated, noted and awarded as Top New Jersey Event Designer by NJ Biz (2009-current), Best of Knot, and Wedding-Wire rated as one of their Top New York Metro Wedding Planners since 2008. She has recently been nominated and was a finalist for BizBash Readers Choice Social Event Planner NYC & Consultant of the Year 2011 and currently a finalist nominated by her peers nationally, for both the NYC and Chicago markets as “BizBash Readers Choice Best Reality Show Wedding Planner Star” for 2012. She was awarded “Readers Choice Reality Wedding Planner of the Year 2012 in the Midwest Chgo market,

Even with a full plate, she’s wearing the crown as a “Mompreneuer” as a mother to daughter Sydney and setting a great roadmap for her by showing women can mkae it happen everyday! 

‘Without the ongoing support of my peers and fans, I would have nothing to share regarding new trends and ways to make someone’s special day come true. I wholeheartedly thank each of you for allowing me to learn and grow, as Renee Strauss of Beverly Hills Bridal featured on TLC, would say "The Best Has Yet To Come."

Press Inquires Contact Marissa Friedrich

PH:  908-450-9766 or 908.334-6373
Email : info@samanthagoldberg.com which is copied and (Direct to Samantha).


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