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“Sassifying the Franc”

We all remember the wonderful role of Martin Short the featured male wedding planner for the movie remake of Father of the Bride. Let’s face it-every bride wants her own Franc. This is the “Ultimate” package I’m not Martin Short, I am Sassi…Sassi Gets results! She’s a definite second to Franc!

This particular program is what most brides want. It’s designed for the prepared yet uncertainties of getting each item done, yet making sure the right people to do the task. Samantha Goldberg and “Team” are going to be with you 100% of the way. Even if there are times you want to do something on your own, we get it, just know, we will be there from beginning to end, helping you and your significant other making sure every aspect of your wedding or special event runs exactly the way you want it. There are no rules, just share what you prefer, expect or need. Give us a hint; we will handle the rest keeping you abreast 100% of the way

What does this mean?

  • Initial Stages include an in person “premier” consultation with our brides, grooms and or “clan” Just share how many people will be joining us- I love eating with new clients! If we start as family (families eat together and that is crucial for a stronger bonding experience- over food ask anyone on the east coast-west etc…Food brings you together and it’s pretty important especially on the day of!
  • Unlimited coverage- We do sleep, BUT, have a system that most love esp if you’re a night owl, you’ll have access to every item we have done and by whom. Yet, if you need in person meetings, or calls, emails and in person, we include this as well. Think of us and this package like a custom designer-We will make it work the way you need/want it to!
  • Everyone has a budget. Whether it’s big or small we need to determine where to spend, splurge and save. This does take development and management of such tasks. We have it mastered! We will make sure you feel the same.
  • We need to make a special blueprint, it’s a plan and yes, you are involved! Even if you give us 500 pages of torn photos re: your desired look and run to China, You are involved- it’s your look and vision.  My team and I just take it to another level. Allowing for you to breathe and ENJOY!
  • Look forward to us assisting, or being Sammy with the where, when, how to do that and more…In essence, you are investing in our team we want you to know as much as possible! We have a plethora of persona's to match your personality and style…That’s key for long term relationships!
  • Sam’s expertise, let’s face it, I LOVE to design, work on CRAZY or original themes and décor.  I’m personally noted for making what you don’t even know you want, something you always wanted. We hear this all the time! I need you to keep those creative juices flowing! It’s cathartic for me to find something special in you…
  • Etiquette Issues such as : How do we not have children at reception, do we have invite every family member? We got cha covered and it’s 100% approved by “Emily Post’s Great Granddaughter”. I most certainly know of her and have spoken of the true “Etiquette” standards for the 21 Century!
  • The concept, design of what is yet to come= Save-The-Dates, Invitations, Thank-You Cards, a fabulous list of favourite ideas, and even ideas on what to register for? Sam works with Blooms as a Celebrity Guest Speaker, she has a pretty good idea of what each client needs and most usually say her advice/suggestions would admit to not seeing this different way of planning. It’s as close to stress free as possible.
  • We find “The Right Wedding Vendors” suitable for you specifically “They get it” (Cakes, Lighting, Catering, In-house Floral (or yours), officiate (Sam now has the sign off from the White House “Rev Sam”, photographer, videographer-cinematographers, entertainment music, etc.) We want them to match how you are…It’s cool to have a mini you with all involved right?
  • No limits with vendor referrals w/ rates that you won’t receive on your own.
  • We can arrange all vendor appointments and accompany you to vendors if needed...or have vendors come to you! Not an extra fee…Just ask.
  • We always review and negotiate all contracts, we want you to know this is the best and your protected 100%.
  • We determine and or assist all the timing questions; payment due date’s blah- blah…Why should you? Relax-Were a smart investment and you will see this once we both agree it’s a fit!
  • Final Reveal etc all included. (My favourite portion of the planning is to show you what each detail is in place! THIS IS SO COOL!! Lights off-Linens on-Special lighting-Chocolate Menus-Floral Table Numbers and more!
  • Tracking RSVPs is a favourite and extra for other packages, and calling those whom have not responded. We know it’s a bit strange for you, give us the list, we like this stuff
  • Providing what you need for a marriage license and or name change packet (you can handle this after you get home-we can send you the kit).
  • We handle all accommodations, the shuttle services  and which group is in speciality vehicles and of those “Fab” room welcome kits were known for- don’t know many who can come up with some pretty “original” ideas”.  We know it can be a pain, so we felt to include this.
  • Ceremony –Well, we know priests want to handle rehearsal, so we let them. But we make sure he has everything you want in place. There is only one aisle, most likely we have used it before!
  • Rehearsal (Who stands where-Culture We specialize in American Weddings, Jewish Catholic, Christen,  Indian, Chinese, Filipino and more-
  • LOVE working with rehearsal dinners, where to have it and arrangements to get there etc. I have the most amazing list of venues for the rehearsal dinner just wait!
  • We do create for the late comers, attendants and more a special schedule and “must haves” for the vendors- We know every background has the “Late by 3 hours issue” After 23 years, I have a book on how to solve that issue alone!
  • Confirmation from all vendors, family and more and distributing the directions to those who may need a tad more hand holding aka definite delivery…
  • Yes, like every package we have, wedding day coverage aka “Day of Coordination” is a given. If you need more than one of us, depending on your guest count, we usually have at minimum one senior planner and an asst. planner to be there for you…Just ask.


Most of the information listed is also included with each proposal. However, since everyone we work with has different or more specific needs we may alter areas we feel as a team need to have more attention than others. If a set program is not for you, let’s make one that works with your budget, and your needs! It’s that easy and no it’s not too good to be true- We will have a plan and the plan revolves around you!

The Partial Partnership
 Partial Coordination

You May Not Need Everything It doesn’t mean you receive half of us, why invest if you don’t need it? Right?

This “perfectly” paired and partial system works for the couple who has managed to plan some of the larger portions of the event/wedding and etc, but have not completed all the right players or maybe needs a full spectrum of designer services such as invites, more vendors, design+++You might find yourself becoming overwhelmed as that date which seems like years away, might be creeping up on you. Our partnership program includes all services in our “Were with you for the Day” aka “Day of Partnering/Coordination (*See Below) in addition to the following:

  • An additional four hours of comprehensive planning meetings in which we will discuss budget adjustments, final vendor selections, theme, décor, etc. We will offer creative ideas for any special last minute touches you wish to incorporate into your wedding. We will then ensure your wedding has a cohesive feeling and that no detail has been overlooked.
  • Final review of all vendor contracts and ongoing communication with vendors regarding their services and your expectations.
  • Final walk through of ceremony and reception sites.
  • Assist with final checklist to ensure you have accomplished everything on your “to do” list.
  • Assist with any last minute projects such as seating assignments, place cards, programs, menu cards, favors, etc.


Package: $3000+ Depending on Planners experience and what your custom wish list looks like. Do not fixate on price; let us help you the right way...Making sure our fee works with the budget.  If you know me from TV, I am straight-forward and will be honest of what’s the best route. In writing!


“Simply Sassy Saturday or Sunday”

She wants perfection, relaxation and lots of assurance… On the day of!

Kudos on pacing yourself ensuring you have all budgeted vendors- but realize you want to actually enjoy your BIG day without worrying about all the details! This program while it lists many tasks, we want to ensure the program matches you and your expectations. 
Our goal is just one ask…You invested in something very valuable, your senility. Don’t manage this event, enjoy it- Having all of your friends loved ones etc in one room? Rare- Relax, Close Your Eyes, we will be waiting for you at the church or place of ceremony…


  • Consultation with the bride and groom- clan we always offer a 1 hour free consultation. Let’s start here, see if you like us!
  • Two additional consultation appointments as wedding day approaches (typically scheduled within one month of wedding day). These meetings are necessary in order to accurately communicate your vision. You can change your mind- heck we’re girls, we change it as much as we need to right?
  • Ongoing and unlimited contact with your wedding planner via phone and email (The in person meetings take time and you may purchase more of your planners time hourly- $25-$50 per hour.
  • Prepare for the rehearsal and wedding day plan of action.
  • Checking with vendors to confirm arrangements for the wedding day we do this, not you.
  • Rehearsal coordination and instruction if applicable and church allows. Some of the “House of Worship” locales -They get a tad protective and want to take over- Great! We will make sure it’s still the way you need it to be.
  • Collection of items at rehearsal to be brought and set up on wedding day such as: candles, guest book, favors, toasting glasses, place cards, etc. If you should forget its OK you’ll have it given to staff the minute we see you in white!
  • Complete wedding day coordination (all day coverage) with one or two Day of Coordinators (depends on size of event): Overseeing, and directing the ceremony and reception. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:
    • -Making sure that you, your groom and family are comfortable and have all the attention and service you need while getting ready for the big day.


-Receiving deliveries and greeting vendors
-Distributing copies of your wedding day itinerary to all vendors
-Distribution of final payments to all vendors
-Overseeing proper set-up of ceremony and reception locations
-Essential wedding day emergency kit
-Assisting with distribution and pinning of all corsages, boutonnières, wedding flowers and flower baskets.
-Ensuring proper placement of seating cards, wedding favourite, programs, disposable cameras, etc.
-Greeting your guests and directing them to ceremony area (if it’s outside etc)
-Finding and ensuring your flower girl and ring bearer are ready to walk down the aisle.  Having candy on hand when you need a chocolate fix! It does work before the walk down! Trust me- I eat lots of chocolate!
-We usually handle Lining up the entourage and pace your wedding party for processional
-We all make sure you’re ready to walk down the aisle, ensuring you and your dress look absolutely flawless for your “Royal” entrance-Breathe!
-Our vendors especially musicians are cued for correct pace and timing-I’m a stickler for this-Much like a movie!  
-We have a full proof plan for ensuring you along with your bridal party are prepared for before the ceremony formal pictures
-We love greeting you and your groom with a favourite drink (any drink) as soon as you arrive at the venue where we reveal the evening to you ALONE!
-Ensuring you, your groom and bridal party enjoy the cocktail hour hors d’ oeuvres (Yes, eat the food and actually enjoy it!)
-Your music (DJ or live) aka entertainment is prepared for your entrance and has correct pronunciation of the members of your bridal party (Unless you want to get a chuckle for a difficult last name, we make sure that is not an issue 2 seconds before your announced as Mr. and Mrs. FABULOUS
-My goal is making sure your makeup looks flawless throughout entire reception &we do assist you in the “ladies room” (because we know that dress is big, beautiful and at times, cumbersome!) Its girls! We can handle it!
-Our goal is to make sure you and your new groom/husband have a fabulous time at your reception-Not managing this event- We can guarantee after 23+ years, we know how to party and throw a good one!


Consultations and a la carte services

Think of these extra items as a guide for a less traditional approach to a package, it’s not really like a restaurant where you can design your own platter – yet it is similar and sometimes more than you asked for in a good way! Leftovers like this from an a la carte’ program could be better the next day that’s pretty unique right?

  • Utilize me and our team for what we can offer to brides with any budget…DÉCOR…Samantha can work on hourly or a package with another planner while she is working on your design that is ultimately using different services the right way.
  • Engagements in the newspaper and/or website…Keep it simple yet mysterious! Let’s change the trend-I have no idea what’s ahead, but let’s have some fun!
  • Cocktails and Coordination of The Official Engagement- We have some seriously delicious ideas.
  • Some families may have many out-of-town guests, you have to welcome them properly and we are pros with providing shuttles, special catered items, and welcome gable boxes with some seriously awesome goodies…and more-This is simple and fun for us, may not be for you, that’s why partnerships work.
  • Vows, not sure what to say, let’s spend time on Skype-Our fees for this are shared off line and they are not pricey but why would you want someone to know what you pay?) I want to see your face while we work as a team.
  • The first step to ensure you are spot on is to create budgets and actual time lines
  • We plan showers, engagement parties even proposals… Flash Mobs- We’ve an amazing crew and partner now that was my goal! I love the whole flash mob idea…They are not super expensive if you want to do one for the “groom” cake or bachelor parties, Lets chat!
  • Since this event is about you both becoming one unit, let’s customize the event to reflect your taste and style. Gals, if he wants to design the cake, trust him- choose what’s inside…or alternate layers you’ll see the little requests made by the groom or his family/yours won’t seem so bad when you have an unbiased party to share a new way to look at this “involvement” that can be harsh. We get it, and wouldn’t be suggesting this if we did not see this even after 2500+ weddings and special events.
  • Assisting your attendants w/planning your wedding showers Hen Parties and Last girl’s night out! For at least a day ok? They may be the first to plan these events, be patient…
  • Need help with what is new trendy and fun for the girls/guys –We have tons of ideas for everyone.
  • Let us prepare for rehearsal dinner/party set the weekend off to a simple start! You don’t want to work at your own wedding right?
  • Honeymoon Heaven.  We have the best dept of travel-we don’t stop until they say UNCLE!
  • Sending out thank-you cards- this is a pain we know, let us help you design the words that fit how you feel- the tone, it’s all about you, were just writing it...Fee per piece $1.50 each. Not inclusive of postage.
  • We can offer assistance in selecting suitable vendors that you can afford, you don’t have to worry if  a package is too good to be true, we wouldn’t recommend them if we didn’t use them on a regular basis.
  • Negotiating with vendors Sam’s Fav let’s make a deal fabulous vendors!
  • Reviewing vendor's contracts-In-house legal we make sure you are covered,
  • Scheduling appointments with vendors for clients to meet with them at their home or elsewhere.
  • Coordinating with vendors to ensure services/products are provided in a timely manner
  • We can pay vendors their final payment on your behalf.
  • Running last minute errands “Hey Sam, I forgot the cake server at hotel-Ok were on our way! Location distance always a factor $50-$100 for round trip 40 miles…each way.
  • Addressing and mailing invitations hand stamping them as they were a nice investment and your guests are truly going to be impressed.
  • Calling guests that have not Responded (yes we do the dirty work for you)
  • Add this as your favorite: We can create ideas to keep the costs down
  • Post wedding breakfast/brunch? Let’s work on this when booking hotel.
  • Assemble and mail invitations (Depending on complex nature 1.25 each with a single envelope. The fee increases to $1.50 for adding the second large envelope.
  • Out-of-town guests keep em busy so you have some air on your wedding day…let us plan some fun for those who like tours…I have a “Chocolate Tour” in NYC AMAZING!
  • Return tuxedos and other rental items after wedding depending on where items were rented, its $75 per tux to return.

Fees are shared prior to any enhancement later on- I always say start small- we have room to increase if needed- Remember, we may be a “mini” you but we are essentially the ones who will ensure extra attention is added when you need it- We will always share pricing before services and add a written addendum to your contract so we have it on paper! Less mistakes and no assumption!

Are you ready to meet us?- Call us for a complimentary consultation Let’s make this one of many great experiences you will have in the near future!


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