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Famously Noted & Awarded As One of The 10 Best Celebrity Wedding Planner Teams Today...

We have had the pleasure of planning and designing over 5000 events with the most incredible clientelle regardless of status. We don't just work with celebrities, we work with those whom we feel we can meet their expectations and exceed them! 

While some hosts aka Brides and Grooms might be inclined to plan their own wedding/event, the amount of time it takes and the value of time shows planning from an unbiased company to be quite invaluable. Samantha Goldberg & Co has many different forms of assistance from soup to nuts regardless of budget or persona. We ensure you are matched with what we feel is best for the client. Not all clients are the same thus our planning is also changed based on the needs as well. We understand and accept the challenge that one plan may not work for all.

We want to ensure that the customised celebrity wedding planner program or event planning experience we offer becomes a mutually invested experience” and achieve the opportunity for various other events that will be celebrated during the long term. Life has many forms of celebrations, not just planning a wedding or having a baby our 1st wish is always going to have a goal to work with you on a long term basis much like being a part of your family watching out for the best interest of each client and more. While we have our own team, it is essential that our clients also mesh with our amazing team too. We pride ourselves on using the word "Relationship" often.

Our ongoing and consistent testimonials even though these are important and VERY appreciated, are not the sole reason of why Samantha and her "educated" team continue to raise the bar as one of the most prestigious firms in the country today.


Contact us directly so that you may see how we can ensure the big picture is obtainable regardelss of the task or budget. If for some reason we are unable to match your needs, we will try to find someone we trust that may be a better fit. After 25+ years of serving so many couples and businesses, we are certain after the first meeting you will understand why our team has set a high standard in the event industry and continue to offer ideas unlike any other.We've listed a few examples of our clients experience for your reading pleasure below:


My Glamtastic Glam Fairy Premier Party


Last Sunday, I celebrated the premier of my brand-new TV show on the Style network with friends, family, press and the amazing vendors that made this party possible!

About a month prior to this party, I met my instant soul mate Samantha Goldberg also featured on several Style Network Shows such as “Who’s Wedding is it Anyway?” and has graced the lens of nearly every news channel possible.

After endless conversation, She offered to coordinate a premier party for me. This was the most fabulous event I ever attended!! Samantha is not only such an amazing person and true friend, but my god! Can this woman literally get into your brain and understand how you would want the party of your dreams to look like! ?

Floor to ceiling, pink drapes up light with pink lights controlled by the click of a remote. Black and pink shag rugs that would put an Austin Power’s party to shame accented incredible boutique zebra couches and a matching ENOROMOUS circular Ottoman with fluffy pink pillows in the middle!

Lucite tables lit from underneath with a soft pink light were the home to the most fabulous drinks ever!!! http://www.bar-candy.com/ the owner of this fab company came and handed out these amazing drinks to everyone and my allergy to alcohol seemed to slip my mind that night as i couldn’t resist these chocolate champagne glasses topped with a fresh strawberry and filled to the brim with chocolate liquor.

And a glam party would not be a glam party without OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE COSMETICS!! www.occmakeup.com David Klassfield owner of this incredible line of vegan cruelty free makeup had is top artists there adding a Smokey eye to all the guests!! And as if that wasn’t enough every guest left with the new fall collection of his incredible line of make-up!

And what kept the vibe of the party going?? Of course my favourite 80′s tunes– courtesy of Mike Navarez from ANS entertainment! He also had a fabulous flat screen that allowed all of us to cuddle up on the zebra ottomans and couches courtesy of the fabulous www.jerseystreetfurniture.com and watch the premier of the show!

It was such a great time!!! All the guests got to take super fun photo’s in a classic pink and black photo booth courtesy of Josh Lynn– my very good friend and incredible photographer who also captured all the fun moments of the night!!

Everything was really incredible!! Samantha had her upcoming BLING BAR with edible 2 & 3 Karat diamonds, rubies and other jewels that were SUCH a hit that they were gobbled up in seconds!!

And of course the liquor was served by a gorgeous model courtesy of Gianonne Liquore www.gwine.com They had this incredible signature drink which was a vodka made with the acai berry and the new upcoming hard and healthy liquor. With a splash of lemonade and cranberry juice everyone was fascinated with this new fabulous drink!!

This party meant so much to me– not because of the show– because it allowed me to remember who the true friends and family I have had all along. Celebrating this new venture in my life was made possible in the most fabulous glamtastic way by Samantha Goldberg.

Samantha was a person I only had seen on TV and I could only dream what she could do to an event– I never thought that not only would she be such an amazing person a friend– but also create a full blown GLAM LOUNGE out of a big vanilla box in the Monroe Art’s Center– home to The Glam Factory. She preserved my brand’s integrity, had fabulous gifts for all my guests, had the walls dripping with pink and the room filled with enough glitz and glam that my jaw literally hit the floor.

Sam I cannot thank you enough for being such a great friend and for putting together such an amazing party for me! Thank you to every vendor that made this possible and to all the truly amazing friends and family I have.

Please visit www.samanthagoldberg.com so you too can have a party as fun as mine!!!

Bar Candy– edible chocolate champagne glasses with chocolate liquor www.bar-candy.com

Photography and Photo booth — www.joshlynn.com


Makeup– www.occcosmetics.com

Bar– www.gwine.com


Aspiring Planner

call for chic & Fab Service











Thank you so much for EVERYTHING Sam :) Our wedding was everything that I've ever dreamed of as a little girl plus much more because of you :). Planning our wedding with you was not only so much fun, but more importantly, Alex and I made a true friend :). We love you so much and can't wait to catch up with you as soon as we get back from our honeymoon!

Christina and Alex The Pleasant Dale Chateau 2011

Both Samantha Goldberg and Team along with our lead Carla, rock. They made the day beautiful and took the time to make sure every detail was on point as well as fulfil my wishes. I would definitely use them again for another event. My day had a light feeling to it and the colors, flowers and décors were simple yet sophisticated. All the vendors that they work with are just a delight and are very professional. I will never forget my wedding, it was such a beautiful day and I had the time off my life. My husband felt that all the hard work and time vested was worth. I wish all the brides out there all the joy that I felt and more and know that these girls made it all happen. Thanks a million Tessa 9-25 NJ

From the warmth and energy of our initial consultation through their tireless support up until the last minute of our reception's final dance, Samantha Goldberg & Co were by our side every step of the way along the path of what was a truly amazing experience. Having recently moved out of state, we were looking for some help to take some of the weight off our backs since our wedding was to be held so far from our current home. While we expected a helping hand, or perhaps even a dose of vendor recommendations, never did we imagine the degree of passion and zeal that Samantha's staff would pour into our event, almost as if it was the one and only event on their minds. Specifically, our lead planners were true professionals and displayed an amazing ability to bring peace and calm to the wedding, from the planning up through the execution. Having come to Samantha herself with only a loose and general concept of the design elements we wanted for our event, she took the reins with excitement and gusto, and within just a short meeting we had the entire plan prepared for not only floral, but for most every other design item as well! (The pep and vigor she brings to the table made the experience almost like watching her namesake from the TV show 'Bewitched' wiggle her nose and 'Voila!' ---ALL DONE, beautiful and truly one of a kind to boot!) Taking her cues, in what seemed to be a very harmonious family-like working environment, her team went promptly to work lining up suppliers and vendors with all the detail and precision of a Swiss watch. Even amidst a couple late changes in the event timing and logistics, they were always on pace to ensure that our needs were promptly met and we always felt like we really mattered , as both clients and people. They were such a pleasure to work with, and made the entire lead-up to the wedding so much easier for us, with the actual day being simply perfect; every element of the design was breathtaking and the execution of each portion of the day was flawless. We had not a care in the world, other than to enjoy our special day--and we owe this greatly to all the exceptional planning, labors and insight that they brought to the process. We would wholeheartedly recommend them to any friends or family in need of a planning or design consultant for a wedding or any other event for that matter.

Stacy G Maritime Parc JC

I met Samantha and her phenomenal team last December. I had seen her on TV and was very impressed with her work. I could tell from TV that she would be a fun, amazing person to work with. I was right. My wedding ended up being even more fabulous than I could ever imagine. I worked and met with Sam, Carla and Andrea several times over the past 11 months. We were in contact all the time. I always felt I could pick up the phone or send an email and one of them would get right back to me. When I was stressed out with our venue they would call and deal with the issues. They really put my mind to ease. Since I was getting married in the Poconos and I am from Delaware, I wanted vendor recommendations in the area. Sam knows great people. DJ Mike Narvaez, Eddie Aghahowa (Video), Lisa (A Touch of Elegance flowers), Visions Lighting & Sound, and NJ photobooth were excellent to work with. Sam also designed my programs, menu cards and caramel apple place cards. Carla and Andrea also spent so much time helping me pick out our invitations and getting them out to our guests timely.

At the reception, I got so many compliments from my guests on all the little details. The flowers and décor design was so unique and elegant. When they took us into the room for the reveal, it took my breath away. I really appreciate all their hard work. I had the best 4 days of my life. They really did a fantastic job taking care of my Husband and I. After the reception Carla, Andrea, and Allison helped pack everything up and take it to my room, while we went and enjoyed the after party. Thanks girls for staying and helping my sister out. Muah!!!

I can't thank Sam and your team enough. They really went above and beyond for me and made sure everything was perfect for us. You guys are the best!! I always felt confident that they would take care of everything. I am very detail oriented and I didn't have to stress about anything. I truly feel so blessed to have had them there making our day so special. I knew they cared so much about me and would make it look beautiful.

Hiring a wedding planner is definitely an added cost but Sam and her team will make it worth every penny. I would definitely recommend this fabulous team of planners. I feel so lucky to have met them; it was like working with family. My wedding would never have been as beautiful as it was without them. Samantha and her team are beautiful people with amazing ideas and visions. Thank you girls, I will never forget all that you did for me.


Carrie and Dan Strathmore Poconos 10/10

Samantha and her team are absolutely amazing. If it were not for them and their constant help before and during my wedding, it would not have been half as wonderful. I recommend Samantha's services to anyone with good taste and high expectations!”

Nitsa and Joey Castle - Sky lands Ringwood, NJ

From the moment that I contacted Samantha, the remainder of my wedding planning process was seamless! With only 6 months to go until the big day, I was struggling with putting things together. Samantha took the time to meet with us, figure out exactly what we still needed to do and put us in a timeline so that we did not miss anything. She put us in contact with our Florist, Invitation printer, lighting vendor and even took the time to piece together our favors! I will never forget the moment when we walked in our reception room and saw all of Samantha's hard work put together. Other than the day itself, it was one of the best moments of my life! Looking back on our wedding day, I cannot imagine what our wedding day would have been without Samantha!

She will always have a special place our hearts!”

Melissa and Dan - NYC

Samantha was a great pleasure to meet and work with. She made our wedding day seamless and fantastic. My vision for the reception was very specific and she brought it to life for me. I would recommend her again and again!”

Mrs. Motto Sea bright - NJ


I Love her!!! She made my day as beautiful as I had envisioned, she brought to life my ideas so perfectly. Samantha was very energetic, detail oriented and was on top of things, her being that way was the reason for me to hire her... I needed someone like me and someone who would execute even the smallest detail or else I knew I would be stressing the whole day. She knew exactly how to calm me down and knew exactly what I wanted and envisioned for my day to be. She even designed my centerpieces which my guests raved so much about.”

Cathy and Anthony - NJ

From the first moment we met with Samantha, her approach was filled with integrity, honesty and professionalism. We found that we were going over our agreed-upon budget. Samantha was able to get us back down to the number we had in mind and even found a florist who could create our bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres and centerpieces for only $300. She definitely made our wedding day vision become a reality. We asked for was simplicity with elegance and that’s exactly what we received. Not only did Samantha get us the best possible deals, she also managed to keep me stress free during the whole planning process. From the beautiful arrangements of black magic roses to a sparkling candlelit reception, everything was more than what I dreamed of. My initial estimate was $30,000. My fiancé, at that time, told me not only was I crazy, there would be no way we could be able to afford such an event. After many long talks and convincing, I came to terms to cut my wedding budget in half. So I pulled myself together and started searching for a wedding planner that would fit my goals within our means. That’s where Samantha and I crossed paths. On our wedding day, I felt so proud and relaxed because I knew Samantha would do everything possible to make our day completely memorable. Every time we look at our wedding pictures, we are amazed as to how we were able to pull it off and share a beautiful day with our friends and family.”

Denise and Orlando - NY, NY (Shown on Style Network) 2005

Samantha worked closely with my Mom and I to put together an amazing wedding. She listened to all of our ideas and made us laugh at the crazy ideas while adding her own touch to the things we wanted the most. She introduced us to a number of great vendors who also made my wedding way more amazing that I thought could happen. Samantha saved me a ton of money. When I showed her my list of must haves, she helped me start to budget everything and see where my money was well spent or wasted. There was so much stuff from my friends' wedding that we skipped yet we didn't miss a thing. We even saved enough by working with Samantha to get a better hotel for our honeymoon. I was a pretty low stress bride, but Samantha and her team were as good to me as my wedding approached. By tracking our schedule, I didn't get crazy about what would be done by when. She was readily available to me by phone and calmed my one "outbreak" by lending a shoulder. I don't know how anyone plans something as stressful as a wedding without a planner. I never could have thought through every last detail. I would have spent my wedding running the event rather than enjoying things as the guest of honor.”

Alyssa M - NYC, The Roosevelt Hotel

While I was leery to hire any planner, I decided to interview several in NY and NJ. When my fiancé and met with Samantha, her knowledge along with a very genuine personality sold us almost immediately. We had some very original requests that not many would understand. She never made judgment or asked or to reconsider our ideas. I have to say the only thing about Samantha is that she is VERY busy and has several things going on besides planning. Sometimes she may not get back to you right away, but she does call. That was enough for us. Our best advice to anyone that uses her, you have to be laid back and trust she will get the job done. Our wedding was beyond our expectations. What we liked most about Samantha is her ability to help us cut back in areas to afford items that were a better fit. We had a decent budget, but never spent our maximum. She had an amazing check list of things that we would have completely blown off. Samantha and her team addressed our needs when we asked them to do so. I am a very low key laid back person so I did not have any stress at all. However, I am sure if I did, she was always there with a chat to explain things in better detail. She was able to create our vision. The most important goal was for our guests to walk away happy. The venue she chooses at the Pleasant Dale Chateau was absolutely amazing, Cindy The Floral Gallery made our room so lovely, DJ Mike Navarre was accommodating and great, lighting with Visions lighting created an unbelievable ambiance, Stephen Taylor Photography was excellent and whatever else she suggested, was again A+. All I can say is you would be lucky to have Samantha on your side. She is a gem!”

Cynthia and Paul - Pleasant Dale Chateau West Orange NJ

Love them!!!! Very nice office!!! Everyone Samantha had working with us was extremely professional. I would DEFINITELY recommend them for any occasion!”

Lynette and David -

Samantha and her team are absolutely amazing. If it were not for them and their constant help before and during my wedding, it would not have been half as wonderful. I recommend Samantha's services to anyone with good taste and high expectations!”

Shannon and Aaron - NYC

Samantha and team, thanks for all your hard work, help, thoughts, support over the last week/year! The wedding was awesome!! We had SO much fun! The phone calls/texts/e-mails has not stopped...everyone is telling us it was the best wedding...everyone really enjoyed themselves. We really soaked it up, the day went by fast but we enjoyed every minute. Our only regret is that we wish we had more quality time to chat with people (but there just isn't enough time in the day) and I REALLY wish I took pictures with my own camera (Michael & I both had our cameras). But the day is too crazy to think about it at the time. We can't wait to get the pictures from the photographer. (The only thing is the photographer had us do so many kissing pictures that I had no lipstick left on during our formal pictures b/c I left my lipstick in the limo...Oh well.) Again, I can't thank you enough for EVERYTHING over that last year...all the plans, e-mails, phone calls, meetings, etc... Our wedding was exactly how we wanted it. And we couldn't be happier. You threw a great party! Our band was unbelievable too!”

Shannon and Michael - Manhattan Penthouse

Samantha was a great pleasure to meet and work with. She made our wedding day seamless and fantastic. My vision for the reception was very specific and she brought it to life for me. I would recommend her again and again!”

Allison and Joe – Sea bright NJ

Hi Samantha

We fully intend to send you a proper thank you note shortly - I took the next few days off just to reflect and spend some quality time on my thank you cards :), but wanted to send you an email as soon as I could to just say THANK YOU. We had a blast yesterday and have already started to get the emails and phone calls, on top of the compliments guests shared with us last night about how great the day was. We really could not have pulled it off without your help and guidance. The decor was everything we wanted and dreamed of, the rehearsal dinner, the gift bags, the groom’s cake...I won't attempt to name them all, but I really can't think of anything that we would have changed. Please also extend my thanks to the girls - Chaconne and Dana for their support. They were both so friendly and sweet! Again, thank you for EVERYTHING!!”

Mishuku and J - Park Ave Club


I wanted to tell you that my wedding was everything I could ask for and more! I was so happy and everything was so beautiful. All weekend long people have been calling to thank me and Marc for inviting them and them all had a wonderful time. You and your team executed the vision wonderfully and I could not ask for anything more! I will follow-up with pictures a more positive feedback soon.”

Dianna and Marc - Jersey City Hyatt

Hi Samantha,

Thank you for asking me to give you a testimonial. I'm more than happy to do so! Here goes:

"There's no doubt that Samantha Goldberg is an outstanding wedding planner. Not only is she organized, efficient and thoroughly knowledgeable about the wedding industry, she is also creative, fun and truly cares about every couple she works with. Samantha listens, understands and will go the extra mile to work with a couple's budget. In fact, Samantha's tips on how to cut costs for the wedding day have been featured several times in Bridal Guide magazine. With Samantha at the helm, brides and grooms can rest easy knowing that their wedding will be magical in every way."

Take care, Samantha!” Diane Forden - Editor in Chief, Bridal Guide magazine


thank you so much for the most wonderful wedding day, it really was just perfect! You are my rock star! If you ever need a letter of recommendation feel free to send your clients our way! Deepti and Brian - Birchwood Manor

Samantha, I just wanted to say hello! It's so weird not having any reason to call you. I miss talking to you! We didn't leave for our Honeymoon yet. We're leaving on Tues. I didn't get all my thank your out yet either because you’re on that list. Anyway, hope everything is going well for you and your team. Wanted to thank you again for making our wedding absolutely fabulous! Hope to talk to you soon! Thank you again and again!”

Andria Donjon -

Hi Samantha!

We can't thank you enough for all that you've done for us to help make our wedding an unforgettable event ever. Our guests are absolutely raving about the decor, the band, the food, the Palace, etc. and can't stop talking about it! They're saying it was the most elegant and fun wedding anyone's ever attended. Your service was top-notch and way above any means. Thank you again for your guidance and expertise!”

Desiree & Patrick - The Palace

I hope all is well with you! Everything is going well here. I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know, that we truly appreciated the opportunity to have been your "couple" for the show. We had a lot of fun with it and loved the show. I hope you were pleased with it as well. Thank you for all your efforts -- spoiling us with the complimentary services. It was a pleasure to have worked with you, your encouragement and support does not go unappreciated. We now have a beautiful day to remember forever and you are an important part of that. Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into making it that way. We look forward to seeing you in the future on TV!! ”

Megan Burgos - Perona Farms

A Big Hello To You Sam!

Your right! Married life feels the same. Honeymoon in Hawaii was awesome. I'm going to send you some pictures of our Honeymoon. I'm still waiting on the album from Kenny. He is really busy and it should be ready in about a week. I hope he's going to give you an album as a reference because he's GREAT! We miss you Sam! You are such an awesome person! We can't thank you enough for all that you have done for us. Everyone at the wedding was saying how wonderful you are. =) Hope all is well with you and your family.”

Winy & Olli - Mayfair Farms

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I met Samantha and her phenomenal team last December. I had seen her on TV and was very impressed with her work. I could tell from TV...

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From the warmth and energy of our initial consultation through their tireless support up until the last minute of our reception's final...

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