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“Courses For Becoming a Certified Wedding Coordinator, Designer or Planner”


The "Famously Noted" Celebrity Wedding Planner, Samantha Goldberg comes equip to the classroom with over 25+ years of orchestrating events whether by planning weddings, designing celebrity affairs or even sales symposiums. Sam finds herself after years of research focuses on just the simple tasks of understanding people which has been the "key ingredient" of her continued success. “Its common sense to be around successful and or happy people as allows for the same energy for those who gravitate to do more in life”...it’s much like the saying “Misery breeds company”…You DON’T want any form of misery in this career hence why so many never make it even 6 months in. It's supposed to fufill you in ways that tend to feel more as if you are giving back to those whom need it. 

We truly believe the focus changes from career to “job” and your peers share more information about other people then of what you can do to get your name out there. Success will start with you and will continue if you stay humble, knowledgeable and most importantly, true to yourself w/o judgement and stay open to learning new methods. It isn't easy even if we make it seem that way. We all started with a vanilla palate and made decisions on how far we wanted or want to go. You now have the same options! 


Fact as of 2014, there is not a current ‘accredited” associate or undergraduate degree today offered for a career as a Wedding or Event Planner. However, this doesn’t mean proper training is not needed or offered. It’s needed as w/o it how will you know what you need to focus on next to keep the momentum of success on the increase- “Properly accredited educational facilities that may not allow for a degree in Wedding Planning, Wedding & Event Design or Coordination do offer undergraduate degrees in “Hospitality Management or Business Management”. While these are considered very important careers that do have some basic knowledge to be successful with events in some capacity whether corporate or personal, unfortunately it’s not enough to assist with what is needed once a student leaves the classroom.

FYI...We’ve partnered with many community colleges on the east coast and Midwest such as Rutgers’s, Raritan Community and many others to give hands on experience outside the classroom. They are unable to offer this extended hands on training at this point in time. Until they have a strong program, additional programs such as CAES which includes “Lab Time” “Lab Time” basically means you spend time investing in actual duties that will show you the right method for specific tasks and etc. The best and most important benefit you get live feedback on-site. 


Hands on is a big part of learning. This particular portion of learning if not planned into one’s curriculum is why 70% of why the “aspired” will fail. They are affiliated with an org which doesn’t really have a internship program or a supportive networking arrangement based on one’s specific skill set.

You may find lots of networking meetings all over the US- that honestly have better appetizers and drinks than the content you walk away with. It’s important to understand that while these educators do teach the students the fundamentals of a career in events such as(Business Management etc), it does not mean one cannot be properly trained afterwards or even to receive a “certification/title” for the personal portion of this career .

Educational enhancement courses are certainly a way to be considered “Top of the game” with regard to the know-how and how to make it work long term. CAES is a formulation of concept education which can mean hands on combined with some book enhancement. It’s a proven system that works for many and is contingent on how you use the tools which again we ensure you understand them before they are used in the field.

Each year, we learn new lessons and formulas to ensure what we teach is current. It’s added to the curriculum immediately before each course as we change quickly and often. The world of events creates over 80 billion dollars annually which means it's open for new niche ideas and people that can execute them.

So what is CAES all about and why is my program better than the rest?

Good Question!

CAES is considered a series of educational enhancement systems which are credible by many of our tristate universities and or community colleges that offer these types of programs in the NJ.NY, CT and PA area. We offer classes that begin as novice (comparable to an associates program) and also offer courses for those who are “novice to expert”. A typical student may just need a refresher system to continue on the many opportunities they wish to explore. I have found students who just needed a little kick/jump start we all need to refresh the brain to stay on top of what is needed for long term success…The same ideas don't always create the same results. The event industry is ever-changing thus meaning you need to be open to the changes needed to keep abreast of the new trends and staying on top of your game! 

What Wedding Planning Course Is Best For You?

The educational series that are currently offered with CAES begin at the 100 level (Novice) to the 300 level (Expert).

Courses that are currently offered in the New Jersey classroom in Somerset County, Bridgewater- Somerset-E-W Brunswick and many other counties in New Jersey New York, Philadelphia, CT, ME and more are:

CAES 100: Event Coordination and Orchestration

CAES 100 is for the “novice” wedding planner or coordinator that has little to no experience professionally and needs education with a hands on approach. For those who have not been currently planning, have little “know how” with the exception of assisting a friend, orchestration of their own wedding or partaking in various non-profit volunteer opportunities would be a perfect match for this course.

The program can be taught both as a “private” 2 day course which is essentially more of an investment (alone time) or is given as a “public” course with up to 12 students. Both are considered an “investment” of time, knowledge and finances.

* While having a private instructor or educator can be of benefit for both the one on one and "case" sensitive for those who excel at their own pace, it is essentially the same information and definitely more enhanced with the one on one. It’s truly considered personal choice and is taught by Samantha Goldberg directly. Both courses are generally taught by Samantha herself, however, she does have special guests join for specific courses based on the application and ask of students when discussing the educational goal.


The 100 series covers many aspects of  wedding and event planning and or coordination. It will speak of the basic rules for the “Day of Coordination -Planner” and “Month of Coordination” packages. Please make note, these descriptions are changed based on the business owner and essentially mean the same thing (Coordinator, Orchestrator, Planning, Organizer, Event Manager and etc).

This course does not cover anything outside what the novice coordinator must know to begin at this level. We don’t rush success in the making. The course descriptions below are just a very basic outline of the 100 series and not limited to what is considered 'Typical" nothing in the world of "celebrations" is ever” Typical".

* Understand what the Wedding-Event Coordinator-Planner is responsible for

* The essentials for ensuring your clients expectations are met

*Understanding the various vendors, what their roles are and how they are essential in making the event work.

*Learning the exciting details of various culture events such as Indian Wedding Rituals: (Henna (Eastern Moroccan) Sangeet (Indian)   Wedding Rehearsal Dinner (Typical and other American events)

* Rehearsal Duties and participation at house of worship, venue and or various locations

* The most current version of the "Bridal Timeline", Structure of Day, Ceremony (common backgrounds and some basic education of culture), House of Worship-Venue and or other areas for the ceremony, and role of a celebrity wedding planner, receptions and the venue (current rules and how you might work better together), The catering crew/kitchen staff and their timeline, Catering timeline of the bride and groom at the venue (arrival, cocktail hour, dances, toasts, adding culture or tradition, cake cutting, Venetian(dessert hour and more).

* Wedding Day Timeline for the client for the months leading up to the day and much more… While the CAES 100 Wedding Planner series and course is for one day, it is generally offered on a Saturday off season and begins at 10:30am until 6:30pm.

All supplies (Books or Tablet), tablet for notes, pens, and etc. are included in the fee.

Wearing comfortable clothing is suggested and usually requested. We kindly ask that you do not wear sweats, cutoffs or clothing that is not appropriate for an office or hotel setting. While our spacious classroom is closed off from Samantha Goldberg & Co, we do have clients that come in and meet with other planners during our course. 

Thank you in advance for respecting this ask.

This industry has NO competition”. If you believe that it does, your either not choosing the right career or need to change the thought process immediately.

If you strive to learn as much as you can and your goals are to be different from the rest, you will succeed based on this philosophy. For those who “follow” and do not lead, you will essentially be like everyone else. Why would one expect to go upward if those around you are safe in the middle? They don’t succeed and nor will you. There is a reason we have followers and leaders. Not everybody can make themselves a tried and true “leader”. It’s just not meant to be, and that’s ok. It can be quite the headache… BUT I sure do love to share my tools in hopes you make it as high up as you choose to go.

Please note: “The Senior Coordinator/Observer” during your out of traning experiences such as the venue, will not offer advice or anything pertaining to the event. They are there to rate your performance on the major areas one must know after taking our course. This individual may work direct for a venue. We do try our best to ensure this venue is as close to your home as possible. Our brides who participate will complete a survey based on a written agreement (7-10 days after the event) which we have in place. You must receive a certain percentage (80% combined) based on the course final exam (if applicable), your attendance for interning, your skill-set when fulfilling the event observation and participation before the event and your clients feedback to receive certification.

CAES Wedding Planning Series 200 Ranges Novice to Expert…

*course fees will vary from $350-$1500 depending on supplies, paying another educator (floral and etc.)

*Please make note on survey as to where you are with experience. The lower fee is generally for organizations that will only allow for 2-3 hours inclusive of “Floral” ISES, ABC (Specific Chapters), NACE, WEVA and others outside the US.

CAES 200-205 Wedding Planner Series:

The “205” level is novice-mid-range and “210” is mid-range to expert. They all cover the color wheel, the Pantone color scale and the dynamics on how to put the essentials together for the right design. Your client only knows what she brings to you based on magazines and trends. Your job is to find those who fit with this idea. This is not easy. It’s not just an issue with budget, but personality of those who “get” your client. This course or single class, can generally last for one day and can range anywhere from 3-7 hours. It tends to cover areas such as Logistics of Design (hands on approach with a florist) , Color Wheel (Tying in color to work with the palate of the venue), vendors that match this theme or color etc…again, not an easy task, but can be accomplished with time and experience.

CAES “Series 215"

Design-Floral Series 215 you will learn the "meat and potatoes" from some of the best floral designers in the tristate.  This intense, yet fun hands-on class is best for mid-expert level of expertise and not for the novice. If you are a beginner, then this particular class series 200 is the best training for you.

“Contact us via The CAES hotline 908.450-9766 for upcoming classes and or questions about the industry.” Look for specifics about each class:

• 1. The class (100 series) will entail how to get into the business, personality profiling, role playing, staying organized, how to market yourself, networking and how to find your special niche.

• 2. We will cover how to close each client and make your programs stand out! Role playing plays a VERY important part of this-your peers are the best audience.

• 3. We will supply you with the proper tools to get started. What tools? Timelines, ceremony lineups, venue timelines, budgeting spreadsheets, client information page and more.

• 4. The class is generally a one day seminar and will include lunch with snacks and libations.

• 5. The course will last approximately 6-8 hours. You will receive a certificate upon completion. Please make note the classroom along with a mixture of in office and in the field” using the skills you learned combined.

•6 Completion essentially means after you have completed your day of coordination with assigned bride. Which after the internship and 1-2 weddings you will be given this client and yes, an exam to ensure you know exactly what you job is. ***Make note during the course 1-3 times if possible, you will be assigned a bride to work with as this becomes available.

Please also note, we try our best to separate planners of each caliber to ensure redundant info doesn’t occur. However some of the more "seasoned professionals", may feel a refresh is what is needed to continue their progress and are welcome to take this course. The fee includes all materials such as questionnaires, copy of basic contracts (while we show an example of ours, you will be asked to sign a waiver this document will be returned before you leave), vendor lists, budget spreadsheets, time lines and much more!

You will have the opportunity to work at an event performing tasks and possibly to work with Samantha or someone of “senior status” hands on in the field or at her office. This is based on scheduling w/all parties. We do need to get approval for participation with some of our clients. They are not usually ones that tend to worry about coverage etc… This “hands on/observation extra” is OPTIONAL/SEASONAL and is not fee based-it was not added with an actual course even though you will partake in some type of program during the course. It’s not mandatory but it’s worth investing your time and learning more. We highly suggest any extra form of hands-on education.


SAM'S ON TOUR! FINALLY! CHICAGO-NEW YORK METRO-LA-DALLAS-FLORIDA-  ( Don't see your state listed, call us let's make it happen!)

For those who wish to have Samantha speak about various subjects that can be altered to fit your group or seminar. Bullet Points below list ” some” of the content which could/can be covered and certainly are not limited to other areas. Let’s take your group to another level together! This special format is not only for the wedding planning industry it’s applicable and customized for any sales organizations specializing in tangible/intangible means (Professional beauty products “specializing in” and marketing)

Please call for a customized system which will increase sales production by 30-50% whether a team of 5 or 5000. Let’s make a difference and give you a raise today. I like the sound of hearing our students giving themselves a raise after the course. I personally like the sound of your call when you tell me about it even more-so! 

My Question is…. Are you considered a proactive or reactive person? Here's the number....(908) 450-9766

• Logistics of Sales

• Personality Profiling ( 2-3 hour class or a 4-6 hour class depending on group)

• Branding your company to fit with the times, the issues and the area you reside in.

• Overcoming the continuous issue of being “left behind”.

• Organizing a system that works for you (I hate paperwork; I have developed online *

• The four key words that start with an F which help the client to open up and trust you. NOT (F inappropriate)

• Observation of the masses (vendors in any capacity learning how we can work together based on the need of the client and not our pocket book.

• Leads…Good, Bad and yes, some which are a TOTAL waste What to watch out for inclusive of scams, those whom may seek to scam     you! We know you have nothing to hide, BUT.... (they are out there and they do have an agenda sadly).

• CAES Design 101 or 200 series condensed. Includes supplies to understand “Labor" Or a custom class based on specific needs of your group.

• Samantha Goldberg will also work privately with those who want her "expertise" at your disposal which basically means she's there to be with you on appts, weddings and more…To assist with what is working for you or against you.

1st Question is...Can you handle a day like this? We Know You Can! Pick-up That Phone & Start This AMAZING Career TODAY! 

Invaluable feedback is given and not for the sensitive planner. There is no such thing as a sensitive planner whom is noted for their ability to make it work…I don’t listen to the word no and after our encounter, nor will you.

If you would like more information or clarification, please contact us at info@samanthagoldberg.com or call us anytime (908)450.9766 or (908)334.6373 we promise a prompt response with-in 24 hours! 


Form of payments accepted: Cash, Personal Check and Money orders. Payment plans are decided based on current financial situations. We are happy to announce we now accept Wedding Planner Pay Pal as another option for payment. (There may be a small $1-$10 transaction fee per Pay Pal) Due to the high demand of internships we've 'limited our class to 12 students per course. We want to ensure you walk away with as much hands on and confidence to hit or rather POUND the pavement proudly!


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